All gardens need a backbone of shrubs to give structure and depth on which to build, and which will also provide a real lift to a garden. We have a vast range of shrubs which change on a seasonal basis.

Evergreen shrubs enable the garden to still look interesting in the most winter-weary months – Ceanothus, Escallonia and Viburnum are excellent evergreen plants that also produce a mass of flowers in spring and summer and Elaeagnus Ebbingei and Daphne Odora Marinara for glorious perfume.

Autumn Shrubs

For autumn interest, why not consider something different – Callicarpa bodineri“Profusion” – yes it is a mouthful, sorry, but it is a stunner in the autumn – the bright, and we really do mean very bright, vibrant cerise berries are a real site to be seen on plants that grow up to 1.8m (5 feet) high

Caryopteris and Ceratostigma– with their mesmerising blue flowers all autumn are also favourites of ours.

Plan for Winter

There’s plenty to choose from for Winter colour too – all gardens need one of the Viburnum tinus cultivars – we have several different varieties – with their flowers from Sept to March they are a must have for colour and attracting wildlife all winter.

And Kate will insist that ever garden needs aNandina – if you want to know all about these, then pop in and see Kate – its her all time favourite!