Pots & Containers

Our 2016 range of Pots and Containers offer an excellent choice, no matter what type of garden or setting.

We have a larger range of terracotta pots this season in various sizes, shapes and designs – ranging from the very small, ideal for one plant, to big, perfect for larger single plants or even mixed arrangements of several plants.

Marks favourite this year is the “Leadlite” Range – these look superb! They mimic the old style Lead Planters but are actually made of FibreClay – so are extremely lightweight – but once planted up you cant tell the difference

The new Slate Planters are proving to be very popular already – there are several sizes of square or rectangle troughs that look just like real slate – there are superb and lightweight too

If you have a passion for alpines, then our New Alpine Stone Troughs  could be just the thing you are looking for – made to look like Old Stone at a fraction of the price