Monthly Jobs List

Jobs to do in the garden in May

Dig vegetable plots, adding plenty of farm yard manure, or compost to improve the soil condition.
Plant out cabbages, cauliflowers, brussel sprouts, broad beans, peas, mangetout, sugar snap peas.
Sow sweetcorn, french beans under protection of a cold frame, cloche in a warm site of the garden.
Runner beans, courgettes & marrow can be sown under protection of cloches.
Plant salad crops including spring onions & radish.
Plant herbs in a sunny spot
Tickle into the soil bonemeal or growmore around shrub beds & mulch well.
Plant out lupins, delphiniums, hollyhocks & foxgloves.
Stake tall herbaceous plants now for a more natural look.
Check roses for greenfly & treat with Roseclear, Prune any weak or damaged stems
Plant out sweetpeas into the ground or in pots.
Sow cosmos, calendula, poppies, nicotiana, conflower seeds in pots or direct into the ground

2 Responses to Monthly Jobs List

  1. Amanda Miller says:

    We visited your plant centre a few weekends ago and found it absolutely beautiful. It may be small but beautifully formed. I will definately return for a second visit and have recommended you to my friends and neighbours. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ian franks says:

    Plants laid out in a wonderfull way good selection

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