Monthly Jobs List

Jobs to do in the garden in March

Dig vegetable plots, adding plenty of farm yard manure, to improve soil condition
Place cloches over dug ground to warm the soil
Sow early peas, Brussels sprouts direct into prepared ground. Lettuce, cabbage & cauliflower under cloches.
Shallot & onion sets can be planted direct into prepared ground
Start chitting seed potatoes, ready for planting
Mulch & feed currants, gooseberries, & raspberries
Cut back to ground level autumn fruiting raspberries
Feed fruit trees with growmore, or bone meal lightly tickled into the soil
Plant strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries into prepared ground
Prune & tidy roses
Prune apple & pear trees
Sow sweetpeas, direct into the ground or in pots
Sow beetroot seed under cloches

Remove old foliage from your Heucheras and mulch around the plants with fresh compost and slow release feed

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  1. We visited your plant centre a few weekends ago and found it absolutely beautiful. It may be small but beautifully formed. I will definately return for a second visit and have recommended you to my friends and neighbours. Keep up the good work.

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