Monthly Jobs List

Jobs to do in the garden in September

Pick green tomatoes & ripen on window sills
Prepare soil for planting fruit trees, fruit bushes, & strawberry plants
Now is a perfect month for planting bulbs, winter flowering pansies, viola & wallflowers
Plant purple sprouting, leeks, kale, & cabbage
September is an excellent month to start improving your soil, dig in farm yard manure and bark to improve soil structure
Now is a perfect time to prepare new borders for planting shrub & herbaceous plants.
On heavy clay soils apply garden lime, this increases the bacterial rate, breaking down the clay quickly, allowing it to breathe & drain more freely


2 Responses to Monthly Jobs List

  1. Amanda Miller says:

    We visited your plant centre a few weekends ago and found it absolutely beautiful. It may be small but beautifully formed. I will definately return for a second visit and have recommended you to my friends and neighbours. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ian franks says:

    Plants laid out in a wonderfull way good selection

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