A Big Thank You

Thanks to :

Heather & Sye for all their continued love & support, getting us started, shows ,DIY, in fact any & every imaginable role!

Lin, for all the continued help & support from the very begining at the centre, we are so grateful.

Kate, for everything you have done in the first few years of our business.

Rae and Laura, for such great support in everything we have done

Penny & Neil & the team @ the Nest for making us so welcome.

All the local growers & suppliers for the quality & excellence we demandOpen-mouth smile and for helping us to get the business off to a good start.

Our friends for putting up with us being so involved with the Plant Centre we hardly see them- unless they visit us at work!

Also all the wonderful customers, who have been so supportive & encouraging – and have continued to visit, bringing all their friends too.

Without you all we would never have got so far!

With love & thanks